Orthodontic FAQs

Choosing to start orthodontic treatment is a big decision, so it’s understandable to have questions! We want you to feel comfortable when embarking on your smile journey, so we’ve put together a list of answers to the most commonly asked questions at our practice.

Orthodontic FAQs

Do I need braces?

Why has my dentist referred me for orthodontic treatment?

Does my dentist have to refer me?

Can my dentist provide orthodontic treatment?

Do I need to have regular dental check-ups during treatment?

What age should I get braces?

Can I choose what sort of braces I have?

Can I have less noticeable braces?

I’ve been refused treatment on the NHS - can I still have braces?

How long does orthodontic treatment take?

Are there any risks of orthodontic treatment?

What can I eat during orthodontic treatment?

Do I have to wear my elastic bands?

What should I do in an orthodontic emergency?

How often will I need to see the orthodontist?

Can I play contact sports during orthodontic treatment?

Will orthodontic treatment affect singing or playing a wind instrument?

How much does orthodontic treatment cost?

What is a retainer?

How long do I need to wear retainers for?

Do you have a family referral scheme?

Still have a question?

Feel free to ask our team! We are always here to help.

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